Today, let me walk you through the topic, “Online Jobs: Work From Home Without Registration Fee”.

This has recently become a hot topic on the internet. With more and more people finding ways on how to earn money from the internet, it’s quite easy that they can be taken advantage of. To avoid that situation, allow me to guide you through the intricacies of the job hunting process. This is not only going to be an easy to follow guide but this will also list a number of sites where you can find online jobs that will not ask you even a single penny to register.

With the huge popularity of work from home jobs nowadays, fraudsters often take advantage of new entrants to the the increasingly becoming lucrative online business. Most often, these people will post ads that immediately attract the attention of job seekers. As soon as one opts in to the offer, they are often asked for upfront payment in the form of registration fees. This has made most of the victims feel bad about finding way to earn online. Below, let’s discuss in detail how one can avoid falling victim on any fraudulent scheme.

Seven (7) years ago, I decided to quit my 8-5 job.

It wasn’t a smart move for many. My parents didn’t even approve it. I even find people giving rolled eyes behind my back. But I really feel that I am not wired for 8 to 5 work and so I have to find a job somewhere else. I only had two options back then, establish a business (because I have accounting background) or work online.

As fate had it, I landed on a job without having shed any amount. Yes, with no fees. I then find myself landing on a data entry job. Yes, I started with data entry and typing jobs just to make a living. One of my first bosses would send me a pdf and ask me type everything that’s in there. It was good that I enrolled on a typing course way back in college and by that time, we use typewriters rather than desktop computers inside the classroom. It really helped on that job because computer keys and my fingers are like friends and could type extremely fast. It was an easy job.

Online jobs in the Philippines, at that time, is quite new so I have to juggle on too many things just to make a living. While working on the typing job, I had to learn a new skill. I have a cousin who is a web designer and so I asked him if it’s possible for me to observe him while working. I had to stand behind his back for many hours just to learn how to setup a new WordPress site, install the theme, make customization, and everything in between. That part wasn’t easy.

I also tried to learn SEO and so I joined the forum platform of which has an active forum of Search Engine Optimizers from all corners of the globe. I really learned a lot from there. I occasionally visit other sites too and was very active in the discussion. Looking back, I had to ask as many questions as I can just to connect the dots. This, too, wasn’t easy.

After a little over a month of educating myself, I had to convince myself that I am ready to level up. I always feel that my short hands-on experience with WordPress and the insights I get from forums could only take me so far. I developed a genuine interest in SEO compared to web design. That’s understandable. I don’t have any coding background. While WordPress themes are available, customizing a theme based on the clients specifications can become daunting and intimidating. This bolstered my decision to start looking for an SEO job.

The good thing when I started was that you can hardly hear about getting scammed by people charging for upfront fees. If there’s ever any scammer, it would be those clients who put you under their employ but will just vanish in the air and won’t be paying you. Now, how did I start? It all started with job hunting.

I had to devise a plan. I had to find part time offers from employers who pay people under them on a weekly basis. With the bills lining up, I need to find 2 or 3 part time jobs. I had to review job requirements at Freelancer, then Odesk (now UpWork) and I had so much luck with the latter site because it was there where I had my first two employers.

What I did was simple, I had to look for job posts whose requirements clearly explain the skill, experience, eligibility and the nature and type of job. I also have to ask the client first about his expectations. That way, I won’t get fired because I know in the very first place what his expectations are. Also by looking on the clarity of the nature and eligibility criteria of the company, you will have a good grasp if the job being offered is legit.

With the rising number of people searching for ways on how to earn money online, there’s also a corresponding increase in the number of fraudsters trying to take advantage of the situation. And since these can become income opportunities for both sides, it is best to look only for sites where you can find potential employers hiring people but without investment on your part. is a company that recruits Writers from across the globe. It welcomes students, work at home moms, and virtually anybody who loves to write. It’s open worldwide and it doesn’t require any fee to get started.

Click n Work

Click n Work offers many positions. Positions are numerous and they include writers, data entry, researchers, people who can do form filling, phone interviewers and many others.

Express Writers

Express Writers is where employers look for part time or full time writers. There’s a pre-evaluation before you can join the pool and one is usually required a certain number of writing samples and is asked to fill out an online application form which will then get evaluated. They do not charge fees for registrants as well.

On Point Advocacy

On Point Advocacy is another platform which doesn’t charge any fee and is where one can hire call attendants, political researchers and writers.


Zirtual is a platform where people get what’s being labeled as “Zirtual Assistants” for tasks like research, travel arrangement, appointment setting, data input, and many other tasks which mostly people find time-consuming. Pay for work usually starts at $15 per hour and there’s also no fee required to register.

Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands is where one can take clerical and virtual assistant tasks. It is pretty flexible and the assistant can basically choose the time to perform the assigned tasks. It is a requirement on this platform to have high speed internet and a working landline and like all others above, it doesn’t require the payment of any registration fee.

Babble Type

Babble Type is the type of platform where one needs to apply by first sending them resume through their email What are needed here are project editors and transcriptionists. No registration fee is asked when you apply.

Capital Typing

Capital Typing is always on the lookout for transcriptionists, data entry and customer service representative. There is also no fee that will be asked when you register.

Accolade Support

Accolade Support hire PC desktop support staff and can bring anyone on board as independent contractor. Pay is This company will bring you on board as an independent contractor to provide PC desktop support. BAy is within $8.25 to $10 range and they are not charging fee too.

Virtual Bee

Virtual Bee hires people who have data entry backgrounds and usually puts people on queue. No fee is also required and hires get paid via Paypal.

Google Ads Quality Rater

Google Ads Quality Rater is where Google evaluators are hired part-time. A test is needed before one qualifies for the position. College degree is needed before they consider one to the position and training is also provided.

Great American Opportunities

Great American Opportunities is where online and offline data entry assistants are hired. One can work as an independent contractor and it usually involves input to magazine subscriptions and gift orders. Applicant can send resume at and no fee is also required here.

Ask Wonder

Ask Wonder is a company that’s always on the lookout for research assistants to join in. They pay between $15 – $25 an hour for research requests. The company do not require phone or any other equipment before one can be considered and they also charge no fee.

Appen Butler Hill

Appen Butler Hill gives work from home opportunities for home-based translators, transcriptionists, social media evaluators, and search evaluators. They then only hire native English speakers who live in the US but I guess there has been a change because I was offered a work before and I am not from the US. I was offered a web search evaluator position for Bing before and they pay around $15 per hour and they are also not charging any fee to register.

Verbal Planet

Verbal Planet presents opportunity for Online Tutors all across the globe. They cater students who wish to be tutored on certain topics. Payments are made via Paypal and no fee is asked to register and apply.

The Coding Network

The Coding Network hires medical coders who wanted to work from home. You have to have a previous experience before you can be considered so it is best if you try to get experience somewhere before you decide to register.


Aim-for-a-Tutor is another platform which offers a job opportunity for tutors who can work for one-on-one tutoring. You can email them your resume at to be considered. One is usually asked to include a paragraph stating why you are interested to the position, your Skype details, hours of availability, and your expected pay. It also do not ask any fee to register.

American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion hires people from all parts of the globe to do surveys and vote on products and services. There’s no fee required to register on its website.


Brainfuse offers opportunity for people who wanted to work as online tutors and what’s good is that they offer flexible working hours. No fee is charged to register and apply for a job at Brainfuse.


1-800-Translate offers job to people who are experienced at translating. Jobs are offered to freelance translators from any part of the world and they do’t charge a penny to register on their website.

Please note that we aspire to continue updating this page each time we stumble new hiring platforms that offer online jobs and work from home opportunities without registration fee. I have seen sites which offers jobs for clicking ads, and stuffing envelopes but I see a grey area on these types of work so I decided not to include them.

Today, there are also jobs that have, as a requirement, knowledge about eBay and Amazon and I will also be posting a list of sites as we go. I decided not to provide links above but you can search them individually on Google and other search engines. Expect that we will be posting more platforms that offer work at home opportunities to people who wanted to earn money from internet. Happy job hunting guys!