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Selecting an SEO service provider who comprehends the SEO process suitable for your business type is crucial. We initiate this by offering a free, no-obligation website audit for your WordPress site. It’s surprising how many website owners overlook requesting an audit, later questioning why their search engine rankings are stagnant.

Understanding if your website employs Google-approved SEO techniques is vital. If undetected errors persist, your site will remain invisible on Google. This ongoing issue could severely impact your business’s longevity. The first step to rectification is requesting our free, no-obligation on-page SEO audit.

SEO Consultancy

Discover the strategies essential for growth and the strategic points vital for every campaign. Learn how search engines work and how this knowledge can significantly boost your bottom line and business expansion. Our consultancy provides insights into SEO optimizations, search intent, and the importance of a responsive design in today’s digital landscape.

LSI and SEO Keyword Research

Uncover what your potential customers are searching for on Google, including the frequency and the competitive keywords in your niche. We reveal the words and phrases deemed semantically relevant by Google, aiding in content creation that aligns with search intent and enhances your site’s organic traffic.

On Page SEO

Identify and correct the errors that have undermined your website’s authority and advantage. We focus on strengthening its foundation, ensuring relevance to search engine algorithms, and securing front-page rankings. This service includes a comprehensive site audit, tags optimization, and implementing SEO strategies to optimize your site for better search engine results.

WordPress Web Design Service

Create a visually appealing and functional digital space for your business, designed with conversion and SEO in mind. Our web design service ensures your site stands out, building wealth even while you sleep, through strategic website design, user experience optimization, and conversion rate enhancement.


Achieving first-page rankings boosts trust in your website, and overcome all doubts and hesitations because it’s Google that recommends your site to new users.

Ranking on the first page can skyrocket sales. We’ve observed this phenomenon across numerous clients, witnessing their ability to outperform major competitors within weeks or months using our SEO service.

Our on-page SEO services have proven invaluable, yet they represent kingdoms of wealth. We’ve successfully implemented these strategies for:

Local & Startup businesses

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Companies looking to expand

Digital marketing agencies wanting to outsource


Optimized Websites



Years of Service


Here, repeat business is always a given

Having completed over 500 SEO projects, our clients often return for more, driven by the success of previous projects that achieved first-page rankings for monetizable keywords.

As we have always been telling them, we are not excited about selling our on page SEO service to them but what will excite us is if they come back and buy from us again because we have made our previous projects rank on first page of the search engines for words that they were able to monetize.

Male and Lady Staff Doing an SEO Project
Male and Lady Staff At Our SEO Agency Doing an On-page SEO Service

What our SEO agency can do for you

We identify and correct hard-to-detect backend errors causing website owners to miss out on significant revenue.

Our SEO campaigns pave the way for improved search engine optimization, higher rankings, increased leads, and a substantial Return On Investment (ROI).


We assist in identifying the top search terms used on Google and other search engines, enabling you to communicate effectively with your audience and improve your site’s ranking. This involves detailed keyword research, understanding search engines results, and crafting content that meets the search intent of your visitors.


Enhance your Click-Through Rate with well-crafted meta titles and meta descriptions. We adhere to best practices for metadata creation, ensuring they are compelling and accurately reflect the content of your web pages, thus improving your visibility in search results.


Facilitate search engine indexing by creating a robots.txt file and an XML sitemap for your website. This ensures all your content is easily accessible to search engines, improving your site’s SEO and helping it rank higher in search engine results.


Optimize your images with accurate ALT text and structure your URLs for readability and SEO. This step enhances user experience and contributes to higher page rankings, ensuring your images and pages are found easily by both users and search engines.


Implement geo meta tags and Dublin Core markup to boost your site’s relevance and rankings. We also utilize Open Graph tags to enhance your presence on social media, making your content more shareable and increasing its reach.


Apply page-specific schema markup to your website to achieve enhanced SERP displays, such as stars in organic results or rich snippets. This advanced SEO strategy has proven successful in our campaigns, setting the stage for your website to be our next success story.


Get a FREE SEO audit

Send us your website’s URL and your main target keyword (in keyword + location format), and we’ll handle the rest!

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The success or failure of a website rests on the foundation upon which it’s built.

Most, if not all, of websites we see we have weak foundations

It’s rare to find a webmaster versed in the intricacies of on-page SEO, a skill set requiring a blend of code integration and research capabilities. Specializing in both, we’re confident in our ability to provide your site with a robust foundation.

We believe that website owners deserve to get returns on their investments

Your web pages should align with your overall business goals, designed not just to impress but to rank well. When executed correctly, you’ll avoid future “behind-the-scenes” issues and maximize your ROI.

Our SEO agency also offers white-labeled SEO services to social media design, content marketing, video production, web design, and internet marketing agencies. Our white label SEO services have helped them slash marketing service budgets and generate substantial ROI for them and our third-party partners.

We have what it takes to make your website "BECOME MORE"

Staying competitive requires becoming more. By enhancing your online presence, you can capture customers earlier in the buying funnel. Proper local optimization is key to this strategy.

We’ve delved deep into on-page SEO, conducted countless tests, and continuously update our knowledge. For us, “good enough” is never satisfactory. Expect our SEO agency to help you become more and join our success stories.

Lady Staff Writing our On-page SEO coverage in her laptop

Why choose our Search Engine Optimization SERVICES?

Our on page optimization service covers a very wide front and we only use best SEO practices.

We optimize your metadata to ensure they’re click-worthy, improving your click-through rate and relevancy to target search queries. We adhere strictly to Google-approved techniques, ensuring your website is readily recommended to searchers. Regardless of your business size, we can elevate your site’s ranking and help you achieve your website goals.


You won’t have to worry about Google penalties for over-optimization or duplicate content. We ensure your title tags and meta descriptions are uniquely crafted for both your human audience and search engines, optimizing your site with SEO in mind. From site audits to keyword research, markup and schema creation, to meta titles and descriptions for your upcoming pages or posts, to header tags, content quality upgrades, URL structure suggestions, internal links, and comprehensive onsite optimization and implementation, we guarantee compliance with Google’s preferences.

Our onsite optimization process begins with an on-page SEO audit. After purchase, we’ll request your website’s URL and the top three target keywords you wish to use on your homepage (preferably in keyword + location format). These seed keywords will form the basis of our research campaign, included in the on-page SEO report we’ll provide. The audit will detail everything from the main SEO strategy, required optimizations, technical and SEO factors considered, focus, timeline, deliverables, and SEO pricing or investment. Our audit goals primarily include:


Assessing current web pages;


Checking for ALT text on images for easier indexing;


Verifying the presence of an XML sitemap for accurate indexing;


Identifying the correct keywords for targeting;


Evaluating Schema.org Markup uniqueness for each page;


Recommending on-page SEO improvements;


Analyzing current meta data setup and marketing message conveyance;


Ensuring Open Graph Protocol (OG objects) and Twitter Cards utilization;


Conducting Competitive Analysis; 


Confirming correct HTML headings H1 – H6 tag implementation;


Checking for robots.txt file presence and syntax accuracy;

BONUS content plan.

The report will highlight website issues based on our SEO analysis, hard-to-detect errors affecting search rankings, errors in image alt attributes, Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) terms for content optimization, and other on-page tasks we believe can enhance your local SEO and overall SEO strategy.

Our clients range from SEO experts and enterprise SEO firms to SEO consulting agencies seeking to lighten their workload, web designers aiming to add value to their client deliveries, content marketers needing keyword and LSI term guidance for optimizing website content and blog posts, PPC and ads management professionals seeking organic traffic gains from their campaigns, WordPress online store owners looking to boost their ecommerce SEO, and anyone who recognizes the importance of relevancy among the 200+ ranking factors.

Client Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it, look at what our happy on-site seo services clients have to say:

Glenn really knows his stuff when it comes to on-site SEO, and if you would like your website to have a solid foundation, your on page SEO must be properly addressed. I’ve worked with him on multiple projects in my digital marketing company and his professional communication and tenacious work effort are excellent.

Manny Lontok

Owner, Business Local Listing Tampa

Glenn is always ready to go an extra mile to make the foundation of our websites pretty solid and his work has brought us major optimization benefits and search engine traffic. He’s always been my go-to guy for on-page SEO services and I am really more than happy to have him handle all of my projects. I am highly recommending his search engine optimization packages that have schema SEO integration.

Todd Bryson

Director of Local Search, Advice Interactive

Glenn is absolutely fantastic. We purchased his largest package for one of our client’s sites. He responded quickly and answered any questions in a timely manner. He was professional & completed the project quickly. We are already seeing results from his on page optimization and couldn’t be happier! We will certainly be using his on-site seo service again in the future and would be happy to give a personal recommendation to anyone who wants one.

David Denning

Co-founder at Jumpanzee

Here are a couple of General SEO and On-page SEO Questions


What does SEO stand for?

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, encompasses the entire process and actions aimed at ensuring a website ranks well on Google and other search engines for its target keywords. It involves enhancing site structure, refining off-site efforts, producing high-quality content, and aligning with overall marketing strategies to boost a website’s visibility on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

What is on-page SEO?

On-page SEO involves optimizing individual web pages to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines. This includes granting search engines access to indexable pages, improving internal link structures, publishing relevant and optimized web content, utilizing correct HTML tags, and implementing coding and schema structures, among other tasks.

Why On-page Optimization is Important?

Even the best-designed websites can falter without a strong foundation. On-page SEO is crucial for building this foundation, ensuring the site not only impresses visually but also ranks well. Proper execution means avoiding future issues and maximizing ROI.

What is meta title in SEO?

A meta title is the name of an HTML document or web page, located within the head data and meant to appear once per page. It’s a critical on-page SEO factor, informing users and search engines about the page’s content. Using relevant keywords in the meta title is essential for understanding and ranking.

What is a meta description?

A meta description is a snippet seen by users when they search for specific keywords on search engines. While not a direct ranking factor, it’s crucial for conversion, encouraging users to click through to your website. Optimizing meta descriptions can significantly improve a site’s click-through rate and relevancy to search queries.

What are heading tags?

Heading tags (H1-H6) help search engines understand the hierarchical structure of a web page. They differ from title tags by being visible on the page itself and describe the content to both users and search engines. Proper use of heading tags can improve a site’s SEO and user experience.

What is LSI keyword?

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords are semantically related to the main topic and help search engines analyze content quality and relevance. Using LSI keywords can enhance content optimization, making it easier for search engines to gauge the page’s theme and quality.

What is SEO in business?

SEO is a critical component of a business’s strategy to increase website traffic, generate leads, and grow customer base. It bridges digital marketing efforts with offline strategies, solidifying a business’s presence both online and offline.

What is Offpage SEO?

Off-page SEO involves actions taken outside of the website to improve its ranking and visibility. This includes link building, social media marketing, and brand mentions. Quality and relevance of incoming links and mentions play a significant role in how search engines perceive and rank a website.

How can we avail your on page optimization services?

Our SEO campaigns are customized to meet the unique needs of each client. Start by requesting our free SEO audit, a comprehensive analysis that includes keyword research, site structure improvement suggestions, and a detailed strategy for on-page optimization.

What happens after the SEO service is completed?

We offer options for SEO maintenance and rank tracking, providing ongoing tweaks and updates. This ensures continued marketing support, inbound marketing coaching, and access to business SEO and marketing resources, helping you dominate your niche and achieve your business goals.

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