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You need an SEO service provider who understands what kind of SEO process works for your type of business. We start this by creating a free, no obligation website audit for your WordPress website. I wonder why many website owners fail to ask for an audit and then complain later why their search engine rankings got stuck somewhere.


We want to know firsthand if your website uses Google-approved SEO techniques. This is critically important because if your website still has all the hard-to-detect errors, it will remain nowhere to be found on Google. And when this issue continues to exist, your business may muddle for a long time and may eventually just close. The only way we would know if there’s something that needs fixing on your back end is when you request for our free, no obligation on-page SEO audit.

SEO Consultancy

Where we tell you what we need to take to heart and what strategies and other strategic points should we need to use each time, every time. You will learn more about how search works and how knowledge of these things will increase your bottom line and help you grow your business.

LSI and SEO Keyword Research

Where we will find for you what searchers type on Google, how often they are typed, what money keywords your competitors are using and then let you know what exactly are the words and phrases that Google considers semantically relevant to the money words you have long wanted to rank for.

On Page SEO

Where we find and fix the errors on your website that have long seized the authority and advantage you deserve to have on the web. We will help strengthen its foundation, make it relevant enough before the eyes of search engine spiders, and rank you on front page for the longest time possible.

WordPress Web Design Service

Where we create a beautiful digital home for your business and design it with both conversion and search engine optimization in mind. We will make it out of the ordinary because like everyone else, you deserve to have a website that will build wealth for you even you’re in the middle of your sleep.


Your First Page Rankings will increase trust to your website and will overcome all objections, all doubts, and all second-thoughts because through SEO, it is Google that recommends your site to new users.

Ranking on first page will send sales through the roof. We’ve witnessed how this happened on a long line of clients and we’ve seen how they were able to crush their major competitors in a few weeks or months using our SEO service.

It’s easy for our clients to prove that our on page SEO services are worth millions… but in truth, they are worth kingdoms of wealth. We’ve made it work for the following:

Local & Startup businesses

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Companies looking to expand

Digital marketing agencies wanting to outsource


Optimized Websites



Years of Service


Here, repeat business is always a given

We have completed over 500 SEO Projects under our belt and these clients on our pipeline are, at the same time, our repeat business.

As we have always been telling them, we are not excited about selling our on page SEO service to them but what will excite us is if they come back and buy from us again because we have made our previous projects rank on first page of the search engines for words that they were able to monetize.

Male and Lady Staff Doing an SEO Project
Male and Lady Staff At Our SEO Agency Doing an On-page SEO Service

What our SEO agency can do for you

We find and fix hard-to-detect errors on the backend that are making website owners leave so much money on the table.

Our SEO campaign can set you on the path to better search engine optimization, higher rankings, more leads, and a greater Return On Investment (ROI).


We’ll help you find the top search terms internet users key in on Google and other search engines. This will help you speak using the language of your visitors and create page content that positions your site higher in the rankings.


The right metadata will improve your Click-Through Rate and provide a strong and clear call to action. We’ll write relevant meta titles and meta descriptions for your pages using best practices for length and layout.


We’ll help you create your robots.txt file and XML sitemap to give search engines easy access to the deeper pages of your website and ensure that your folders, files and all your content is accurately indexed.


We’ll create ALT text that accurately and succinctly describes your images and increases their discoverability. We’ll also create simple yet easily readable image link URLs. This important step will not only make them user-friendly but will also give them improvement in page rank and a ranking edge.


We’ll use geo meta tags so search engines will associate your business with relevant locations. We’ll also ensure that Dublin core markup is written. We’ll house the script on your back-end to increase your chance of getting better, sustainable rankings.


We’ll manually place page-specific schema markup to increase your chance of getting enhanced SERP display – like showing stars on organic results or displaying rich snippets. We’ve used this strategy in our SEO service with so much success and your website can become our next success story. 


Get a FREE SEO audit

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Phone showing On-page SEO audit and Analytics

The success or failure of a website rests on the foundation upon which it’s built.

Most, if not all, of websites we see we have weak foundations

It’s rare to find a webmaster who also knows the intricacies of on-page SEO. It requires a good mix of code integration and research skills. And since we specialize in both, we are confident that we are the best choice for giving your site a solid base.

We believe that website owners deserve to get returns on their investments

Your web pages should be designed with the bigger context of your overall business goals in mind. They should not only be designed to impress but also to make website rank well. If done right, you won’t have behind-the-scenes issues to fix later and you’ll be able to maximize your ROI.

In the same vein, our SEO agency also caters a white labeled SEO service to social media design, content marketing, video production, web design, and internet marketing agencies and our white label SEO offer helped them cut the cost of their marketing services budget and generated hundreds of thousands of dollars of ROI for them and our third party partners.

We have what it takes to make your website "BECOME MORE"

Every business needs to stay competitive by becoming more. By being more, a website owner can easily catch customers earlier in the buying funnel. Did you know that you can do this by starting to set up local optimization elements correctly?

We have fully explored the ins and outs of on-page SEO, run more tests than we can count, and are constantly updating ourselves. For us, “good enough” is never good enough. You can always expect our SEO agency to help you become more and put you in that line of success stories we have provide for clients.

Lady Staff Writing our On-page SEO coverage in her laptop

Why choose our Search Engine Optimization SERVICES?

Our on page optimization service covers a very wide front and we only use best SEO practices.

We optimize your Meta data, for instance, to make sure they are both click-worthy (to improve your click-through rate) and to increase their relevancy to the target search query. We only use best SEO practices and Google-approved techniques so it will be easy for Google to recommend your website to searchers. Whether you have a small business website or you own a Fortune 500 company, we can certainly help your site rank and realize your website goals.


You won’t have to worry about having Google penalty for over-optimization or for duplicate content because we make sure that your title tags and Meta descriptions are uniquely written for your human target audience and for the search engines and that we optimize your site with SEO in mind. From site audit, to keyword research, to markup and schema creation, to writing your meta titles and meta descriptions for your next page or post, to header tags, to content quality upgrade, to URL structure suggestion, to internal links, and all the way down to the level of actual onsite optimization and implementation, we make sure that everything follows what Google wants to see.

Our onsite optimization process starts from on-page SEO audit. After purchase, we will ask from you the URL of your website and the top 3 target keywords you would like to use on your homepage (preferably in keyword + location format). We will use these keywords as seed keywords that we will add for the research campaign which is part of the on-page SEO report sheet that we will be sending your way. We will then deliver you an audit and strategy sheet will detail everything from the main SEO strategy, SEO optimizations needed, the technical and SEO factors that will be considered, the focus, timeline, deliverable and the SEO pricing or the investment. Our audit goals, for the major part, consist of the following:

Determine what pages are currently up on the web;
Determine if ALT text (alt attributes) to images have been made for easier indexation;
Determine if the website has XML sitemap for more accurate indexation; and
Determine the correct keywords you should be using or targeting;
Determine if the pages utilize Schema.org Markup and see if Schema is unique for each every page;
Recommend changes to best improve the quality of your website’s on-page SEO;
Determine how the current meta data are being setup and if the carry your marketing message;
Determine if the website takes advantage of Open Graph Protocol (OG objects) and Twitter Cards;
Competitive Analysis; and
Determine if HTML headings H1 – H6 tags have been correctly implemented;
Determine if the website has robots txt file and if it is free from syntax errors;
BONUS content plan.

On the sheet, you will see the problems you have on your website based on our SEO analysis, the hard-to-detect-errors that may affect your search rankings, errors on the alt attributes (alt tags) of your images, the Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) terms that you may well include in your content optimization efforts, and the rest of the on-page tasks that we think can help you with your local SEO and your overall SEO strategy.

Our clients range from SEO experts, enterprise SEO firms, and SEO consulting agencies wanting to free themselves of their load, web designers who want to add and bring extra value to the work that they deliver to their clients, content marketers who want to know what keywords and LSI terms they need to use as they optimize their website content and even blog posts for better readability, increase average time of stay and user experience, ads and PPC management professionals who also want to gain organic traffic (a certain valuable traffic) from their campaigns, WordPress online store owners who want to improve their ecommerce SEO, and just anyone who believes that relevancy plays an important role amongst the 200+ ranking factors.

Client Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it, look at what our happy on-site seo services clients have to say:

Glenn really knows his stuff when it comes to on-site SEO, and if you would like your website to have a solid foundation, your on page SEO must be properly addressed. I’ve worked with him on multiple projects in my digital marketing company and his professional communication and tenacious work effort are excellent.

Manny Lontok

Owner, Business Local Listing Tampa

Glenn is always ready to go an extra mile to make the foundation of our websites pretty solid and his work has brought us major optimization benefits and search engine traffic. He’s always been my go-to guy for on-page SEO services and I am really more than happy to have him handle all of my projects. I am highly recommending his search engine optimization packages that have schema SEO integration.

Todd Bryson

Director of Local Search, Advice Interactive

Glenn is absolutely fantastic. We purchased his largest package for one of our client’s sites. He responded quickly and answered any questions in a timely manner. He was professional & completed the project quickly. We are already seeing results from his on page optimization and couldn’t be happier! We will certainly be using his on-site seo service again in the future and would be happy to give a personal recommendation to anyone who wants one.

David Denning

Co-founder at Jumpanzee

Here are a couple of General SEO and On-page SEO Questions


What does SEO stand for?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization and it comprises the whole process and the actions taken to ensure that a website ranks on Google and other search engines for website’s target keywords. It consists of improving the overall SEO strategy from doing the initial SEO audits to undertaking keyword research, from strengthening the website structure and other relevant onsite works to refining the offsite and link building efforts, and from writing high quality content to reinforcing the overall online and offline marketing strategy to improve the visibility of a website on the organic search results or also known as Search Engine’s Results Page (SERP).

What is on-page SEO?

On-page SEO consists of the actions taken to optimize the individual pages of a website which include making sure that search engines are given access to pages that you want to get indexed and ranked; improving site internal link structure; getting rid of crawl errors; removing error page issues; publishing relevant and SEO optimized web content; using correct HTML tags (H1 tag – H6 tag); implementing relevant coding and schema structure, among others.

Why On-page Optimization is Important?

You can have the best website on the face of the web but without making its foundation strong, it will continue bleeding cash day in and day out. Your website design may be nicely done (it may have been created with a responsive design); your social media management, lead generation, link building, and reputation management team may be top notch; your content marketing may be the best; your page speed may be extremely fast as opposed to having slow loading pages; or your media and display advertising may be been well planned but without incorporating a solid on-site SEO strategy and building a highly relevant content, your efforts might as well be destined to failure and won’t get as much online visibility / online presence.

What is meta title in SEO?

Meta title is simply the NAME of a given HTML document or a web page. It’s located where the head data is placed on the HTML document and is meant to appear only once on the page. Optimizing the meta title of a site is one of the basic things to do in On Page SEO since a meta title is considered as one of the rankings factors – an extremely important on-page SEO factor which tells the users and the search engines which page they are on and what this page is all about. Here, it is a must to use relevant keywords because as an important factor in ranking, we should as much as possible make an effort to make it easy for Google to understand the main theme of our page.

What is a meta description?

Meta description is that snippet that people see when they search for the exact keyword or key phrase on Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines. It is that line which answers what exactly they are looking for when doing the search and while it is not a known SEO factor that ranks your website, it is still one of the important on page SEO factors that you should not forget to consider because it is an important element to making searchers click through your website (it increases conversion rate and highlights the search intent) and so it is a conversion factor.

Google has previously tested longer meta descriptions a few years back (at 27-300 character-length) but it later changed it back to its 923px length as an HTML document tag (at most 155 characters in length). When you’re able to place the meta description right, you increase the chance that it gets searchers attention as they can jump right to your site when what you have is something that stands out in the search results.

What are heading tags?

Heading tags (h1 – h6 tags) help Google see the hierarchical structure of your HTML document or web page. Google algorithms puts huge emphasis on h1 tag indicator as compared to the other heading tag indicators on a particular page. It differs from the Title tag in the sense that the latter is sometimes considered as the hyperlink that users click on to so they can reach your page but the title tag doesn’t appear on the actual page.

The Heading tags, however, are what you can see on the page itself and like your title tag, they describe to the search engines what the page is all about. When heading tags are placed correctly and highlighted well, it helps with bounce rate and the longer your visitors stay on your website, it’s an indicator of relevance of your page and so search engines would consider to rank your site for the long term.

What is LSI keyword?

Using the system of Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is one of the many website SEO strategies that SEO agencies and SEO professionals use to help search engines better analyze the overall theme of content on a particular webpage. These semantically relevant words and phrases have high degree of correlation to any given topic and are what Google algorithm used to gauge the quality of the content on the page and how relevant they are to the keyword being typed by the users. It is a must, therefore, to give priority to keyword optimization and use of the appropriate terms on your written content.

What is SEO in business?

SEO is an indispensable part of a business’ overall strategy to increase the amount of site traffic or visitors on its online assets or valuable leads or the foot traffic to the physical business. SEO solidifies the digital marketing initiatives of a business and its offline efforts to increase its customer base. Our SEO case studies will show the benefits SEO and higher ranking can bring into your business because you will get warm, easy-to-nurture website traffic directly on your website.

What is Offpage SEO?

Off page SEO consists of the actions taken to optimize a website and improve its SEO ranking beyond the confines of the website. Off-page SEO stands in the same footing as onpage SEO in terms of its importance and so both should be taken into account so that the algorithms will consider the website as trustworthy, authoritative and expert amongst the sea of websites trying to rank for the same keyword or key phrase on the face of the web.

The strength of Offsite SEO is often viewed by the types and relevance of its incoming links, social media marketing visibility, and its brand mentions. The quality of the links and website mentions determine how a website is perceived by the users and is being referenced. When search engines see authority sites or sites with higher domain authority linking to our website, they give a website greater exposure by ranking your website for the right keywords because that they see are highly authoritative, relevant links pointing to your website.

How can we avail your on page optimization services?

We have tailored our SEO campaigns to suit well with the unique needs of each of our clients. You can begin by requesting our free SEO audit. The audit is a 360-degree website analysis of your website where we analyze your site content, anchor texts, use of keywords, info of your main target keyword’s search volume, your proper keyword density, what ranking factor or ranking factors you should focus on and where we will provide actionable steps on how to optimize your website.

That being said, you can fairly see that our offer is more of a custom SEO and this may not be something that is offered by your current SEO company. Like any other SEO consultant / SEO company out there, we will help create a campaign that is specifically built around your needs. And since we focus solely on WordPress, you are assured that we know the work like the back of our hands and that we can deliver the kind of work that you may not get from any other SEO or marketing agency.

What happens after the SEO service is completed?

We will not stop where we left you. We have options for SEO maintenance and have rank tracking offer where you will continue getting the needed tweaks and updates moving forward. By going with this option, you will continue receiving marketing tips, inbound marketing coaching, and business SEO and marketing resources from us. This will help you dominate your niche and earn the reputation you have long wanted to achieve.

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