On Page SEO Audit

We perform our On Page SEO audit using Screaming Frog SEO Audit Tool, SEO Quake, and other best audit tools available. We can do the site checkup and find the hard-to-detect errors on your backend. You should therefore drop the guesswork and let us do the job!

About This Service

Our Onpage SEO audit is one of our most highly sought services here. It has been used by many SEO agencies and marketing companies as their handy guide in developing a solid SEO presentation to their prospects and their client sites. The on-page SEO website audit covers areas like keyword research, audit of meta title tags, meta descriptions, image alt attributes, heading tags, open Graph objects, twitter cards, xml sitemap, schema markups, among others.


Our audit process starts with finding target keywords that are fit for your pages. We use Google Keyword Planner tool, the research tool owned by the biggest search engine on the face of the web, Google. We also find Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) terms that you can well use on your pages’ content. Apart from this, we will be sending over a few words which are relevant to your targeted keyword. You can later use these words as appropriate anchor texts for your link building campaigns down the road. You can also use these words to develop content that not only your audience will love but search engine crawlers too.


We will also the look into your homepage to try to find ways to improve your content in every way possible. We will also dive deeper to your internal pages and even to some of your blog posts to find useful information that could aid us in improving your keyword rankings, user experience, website’s loading time, and other relevant data that can help improve your overall Google rankings. Our free audit is limited only to audit of your homepage while our Paid Audit is more comprehensive and will even include a bonus content plan where you can see the exact words and phrases Google considers as semantically relevant to your money keyword.

We are a team of experts

We may also ask how your search traffic looks based on the available data on your Google analytics and Search Console. We will use these data to find out how we can further improve your on-page SEO. We use tools such as screaming frog, SEOQuake, site explorer, duplicate content checker, and other relevant SEO audit tools to check your status codes, your meta data, markups used, tags, and alt attributes, among others. Data obtained will be analyzed and will be compiled on the report sheet that we will be sending your way. Reports shall also contain screenshots so that the sheet will become your complete guide if you wish to implement changes all by yourself.

More and more WordPress websites owners now become increasingly frustrated with the results their SEO contractors. If you happen to be one of them, we invite you to purchase this site auditing package so you will have a handy guide that you could use in assessing whether your contractor is a perfect fit. Many of our clients who received our audit sheet in the past have really found the information contained in the sheet to be invaluable. We want you to experience the same. Contact us today if you have questions.

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