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A great salesman is only capable of meeting one customer at a time but a great website
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Like you, we are business people. Each day, we gravitate towards building a business that makes profit and we revere people who, like you, have their own business. Type the keyword that you want to rank on Google and visit the top ranking websites and know that the only way to stay in their wheel tracks is if you can build a website that will outrank them on Google and will be as aesthetically appealing as their websites. We will use them as our inspiration, we will study each of them, find how they structure their pages and we will watch them for you so we can find our advantage.

Our offer for you is risk-free. We can build a mockup of your homepage or landing page of your website without you spending a dime for it. We only take on clients we know we can help and so if after the discovery call, we would know that we are a perfect fit, we will build your website ‘free of charge‘. If you don’t like it, we won’t pay the rent but we will not complain, not ever. That is how we are confident with our offer. Send us a message today so we can schedule a discovery call on Skype.

A team of WordPress experts

WordPress is our specialty. We only do SEO for WordPress and at the same time, we are a web design agency that accepts only WordPress web design projects. We have niched down to WordPress because we have seen its power and because we believe that you deserve to join the growing WordPress community. We can work with any hosting company and our design and development team makes websites with both SEO and conversion in mind. What this means is you will have a WordPress site that already has with it the features that could help rank on Google and can convert your visitors into paying customers.

We are very passionate and committed to bringing excellence in each and every project that we take and we always take pride with the work that we do. Our service started with a couple of SEO clients in our pipeline keep on asking us to offer the service. They say that they find it hard to find a web design company who knows the intricacies of SEO. They were the reason why we have pushed the initiative and we’ve become the go-to-team for SEO consulting, social media, lead generation, and digital marketing agencies from different parts of the globe. We’ve created quite a number of successes and you may well become our next success story.

A Web Design Agency that provides great results

What excites us more is if you come back to us because we have provided you great results and we’ve made our previous project a success. Here are a few of the latest websites we have designed for amazing business owners like you.

Law Office of Troy M. Moore, PLLC

Digital Marketer Philippines

Bee Seen Social

Homebased Virtual Assistant

Shoodan Business Consultant

Amato’ Auto Body


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Here are a couple of WordPress and web design Questions


What exactly is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source tool used to design and develop a website. It is by far the easiest platform to use for any website project and the most powerful blogging and online content management system (CMS) in the world. It runs using PHP and MySQL and is capable of hosting plugins and using themes that can be customized and optimized for human audience and search engines.

Is WordPress good for websites?

WordPress has been used by millions of personal, organizational, and business websites all across the globe. It takes pride as one of the most SEO-friendly platforms and content management systems in existence. Most people maintaining WordPress websites are not developers but are just ordinary people like you and me. It remains as one of the best CMS to build clean, slick, and aesthetically beautiful website and one that is easy to install, maintain and update.

What are the advantages of WordPress?

WordPress sites are easy to install, use and manage; it’s one where you can increase power by using plugins for better search engine optimization, user experience, and extended functionality; you can use WordPress from any computer as long as you have the WordPress login with you; you don’t need to be proficient with HTML, PHP, or MYSQL and you can use make edits even if you don’t have knowledge of File Transfer Protocol (FTP); your website design project is highly customizable and you can use any theme that you feel would fit well with the kind of business that you have; and you can easily have a blog because every WordPress website has built-in and ready-to-go blogging platform.

What is CMS software?

Yes. A Content Management System or CMS is a software or program for publishing content for the web. Broad types of CMS software include Software-as-a-Service or SAS; proprietary; and open source where WordPress is the best example. Use of CMS allows users to take advantage of database information and design and template files without the need of understanding fully well how database, programming and coding works.

Is WordPress a CMS system?

WordPress is a CMS for web publishing which power over 1/3 of the content management systems and blogs all across the web. It’s a free open source application and website platform that has been used in the development of some of the largest websites all across the web. As a CMS, WordPress is by far the most famous as it contains advance features to manage website design and one which gives extended site functionality especially after the release of WordPress 5.0 (aka WordPress Gutenberg update).

Is WordPress good for large websites?

WordPress has been used by businesses, big brands, government institutions, celebrity and fashion websites, huge ecommerce websites and marketing agencies, and universities, among others, to power their online presence. Many of these large websites use WordPress for their blogging activities because it is a dynamic and real time content management platform that writers find easy to use.

 Some of the major companies that use WordPress include BBC, CNN, Bloomberg, TechCrunch, Walt Disney, Facebook Newsroom, USA Today, Time Inc, Sony, Microsoft, The New Yorker, MTV, eBay, Chicago Sun Times, and Spotify. It’s been used by businesses of all sizes and because of this, many of us in the WordPress SEO and web development sphere work hard to adapt to meet the need of enterprise web management.

What is DIVI website?

DIVI is a product of Elegant Themes and which has had a number of theme updates since its initial release. It is one of Elegant Themes WordPress themes which have gained popularity among many web designers and developers. It’s one of the highly sought drag-and-drop builders that create stunning and beautiful websites and is equipped with front-end page builder tool where you can manage and edit the elements by simply pointing and clicking. DIVI has recently been added more features and now incorporates the DIVI builder where you can now create custom designed websites even with less coding involved.

Is Divi good for SEO?

DIVI is definitely good for SEO and we have seen that across many DIVI websites in existence. The major opposition is because DIVI uses page builders and shortcodes but if you know what SEO plugins you should use to take control of the individual page’s metadata, I don’t see any issue with use of short codes. With the regular updates DIVI has made across the years, it has become not as heavy as before and is now really efficient more than ever.

To further boost your efforts to provide better search engine optimizations, it is suggested that you use plugins for caching and SEO such as Yoast SEO, All in One SEO Pack, WP Rocket; improve your overall website architecture and internal linking; concentrate on attaining good page hierarchy; use of properly optimized media rich content; use of original and well written content that reduce bounce rate and satisfy the intent of your audience; use of Secure Socket Layer or SSL; and pick a fast, efficient and high quality managed WordPress hosting.

Do I need a DIVI child theme?

You don’t necessarily need a child theme. While we use child themes and retain DIVI as the parent theme when doing our designs, you can choose to use just the regular theme as long as the changes of your settings or your custom CSS on DIVI itself. When you do this, these changes still stand even after your do theme update.

What is a child theme?

It is what you add to your existing WordPress theme and is one which inherits the functions and styles of your parent theme. It is often used to prevent messing up of the theme and maintaining the codes, styling, design and functionality of the main or the parent theme. It is often used by website designers and WordPress web design experts who do custom WordPress development to ensure that they can name the theme however they want and they can edit the code safely. If you want to know more on how to use child themes, there are YouTube channels which publish step-by-step method on how to properly set it up.

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